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Today, Flash memory is revolutionizing system design with non-volatility, in-system reprogrammability, and high density. And AMD is taking this revolution to the limit by developing Flash memory with new innovative features, more low-power options, greater packaging choices, and smaller geometries.

Whether you're experienced working with Flash memory or just beginning, you couldn't pick a more dedicated partner than AMD. We've been making non-volatile memories for two decades. That's why we can offer you a level of experience and insight that no one else in the industry can match.

We're investing in your future.
With AMD you'll always be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. We're making major investments in Flash technology to keep you ahead of the curve, including a joint venture with Fujitsu in two state-of-the-art fabs exclusively dedicated to producing Flash memory. Besides greater volume and efficiency, these facilities allow us to refine manufacturing processes and push beyond the 0.35-micron range. Production shipments of 0.25-micron Flash devices begin in 1999.

Get the AMD advantage.
AMD pioneered the only true simultaneous read/write Flash memory-giving you more functionality and lower overall system costs. We also developed a unique single-power-supply architecture that provides faster access times, simplifies design with a sectored organization, and features advanced program and erase algorithms. By playing a major role in Flash Card development and industry-standard definition, we're leading the way in Flash Miniature Cards. All good reasons why no one increases your chances for success more than AMD.

Low Voltage Flash
You're always at your creative best when you choose AMD. With so many different low-voltage and packaging options in the Am29DLxxx (2.7 volt, simultaneous read/write), Am29SLxxx (1.8 volt), Am29LVxxx (2.7 volt) families, and the Am29LL800 (2.2 volt), you don't have to compromise. You're sure to find exactly the solution you need.

Not only that, these devices feature innovations that help you develop breakthrough products faster and easier than ever before:

By popular demand: The Am29Fxxx and Am28Fxxx Flash families.
The Am29Fxxx family. This product family began our tradition of designing products based directly on input from our customers. AMD's 5.0 Volt-only Am29Fxxx family is an industry standard today. Available in densities from 1Mbit to 16Mbits, these devices are ideally suited to a wide range of applications.

Special feature:
Sector-erase architecture. Enables fast, easy code updates.

The Am28Fxxx family. As our first generation of Flash memory, the Am28Fxxx devices use 12.0 Volts to program and erase and 5.0 Volts to read. These devices are also bulk erasable, which means the entire memory content is erased before reprogramming. With all Am28Fxxx family devices, from 256Kbits to 2Mbits, you also have the flexibility of adding AMD embedded algorithms (Am28FxxxA).

Excellent for a wide range of products-including network hubs and routers, modems, set-top boxes, PBX and ATM switches, PC-BIOS, disk and tape drives, CD-ROM drives, and printers. (AMD continues to support the Am28Fxxx family, but does not recommend these devices for new designs. In their place, we suggest Am29Fxxx or low-voltage devices.)

Plug-and-play flexibility: Miniature Cards.
AMD Flash Miniature Cards are the leading multi-sourced, industry-standard miniature memory cards for code and data storage. Miniature cards simply snap into the back of a handheld device and can be easily removed and replaced. In fact, they're less than 30 percent of the size of a standard PCMCIA memory card. AMD Miniature Cards are available in 2, 4, or 8Mbyte densities with either 5.0 Volt-only or 3.0 Volt-only single-power-supply operation.

Special features:

Ideal for portable applications-including digital voice recorders, pocket PCs, intelligent organizers, smart cell phones, voice and data messaging pagers, digital cameras, mini-dictation devices, and more.

About AMD What's New Products Service & Support Search Quick Links

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