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Great Words

There are certain words, which, upon reflection, are of excellent character and should be used as often as possible.


An individual with a personality so unattractive they have no chance of finding a partner and may only find joy through masterbation.
(As often as possible). To converse with others in a light, and possibly inaccurate way. A social conversation without depth, not based in meaning, or even truth.
Practical jokes, rowdy behavior, Tomfoolery, mischief, nefarious actions, bordering on the criminal, but for the purpose of having fun.
At the same pace. Unchanging in speed. Continuing in a disdainful and unaffected way. "We will carry on, apace."
To throw something as far away as possible, and as fast away as possible. The implication is that something disgusting is being strongly rejected.
a foul, oppressive, or unpleasant vapor or atmosphere which emanates from someone or something. Originally believed to cause disease, now known to cause mental distress. "His miasma spread despair among the students" Also: The collective noun for a group of metrosexuals. "A miasma of metrosexuals"
Swollen, distended, bloated beyond natural limits. Like an erect penis but without the sexual context... mostly...
Damp, or slightly wet. The most powerful word in the language; it can make almost anyone uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that it is associated equally with flop sweat and female genital arousal. The cognitive dissonance of these connotations can not be reconciled.
An orifice of some diameter which allows entry of a certain amount or size.
The process of growth or enlargement by a gradual buildup. "At first I didn't like Bobby, but over time, his personality accreted on me."
Abundant, plentiful, full, profuse, or exuberant.
A large section of a massive book, or set of books or other dusty source of knowledge.
To support or puff up. "The underwire helps to Bolster, the mammaries in their Holster." If "erect" is a male word, then "bolster" is it's female counterpart. "We will erect a tower, and bolster the aperture of its base with copious moistened earth!"

Comparisons of words which have commonly confused meanings

Words which have two seemingly contradictory meanings:
to secure. Also, to flee.
heading to a destination. Also, to restrain; preventing movement.
to adhere together. Also, to separate in two.
to add fine particles to a surface. Also, to remove fine particles from a surface.
quick, speedy. Also, stuck or made stable
a person of nobility, over others. Also, an equal
to approve. Also, to boycott
to withstand. Also, to wear away.

Ubik is Ubiquitous. Ubik is Unobtainable. Ubik is Unknowable.

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