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          Legend: Ec = [Ctrl][P][Esc] is DOS EDIT


     When a macro is enabled for overlay, its execution is
     the final operation each time a page is printed.
     Before the macro is executed, the current modified
     print environment is saved and replaced with the
     overlay environment.  The overlay environment is a
     combination of user default and the current modified
     print environments.  Changes made to feature settings
     during the macro overlay are recorded in the modified
     print environment; however these changes are not
     retained upon completion of the macro overlay.  The
     modified print environment that existed prior the macro
     overlay is restored.  


     The following commands create and enable the macro for
     later use by the printer:
     Command                       Function

     EcE                           Printer Reset
     Ec&f1Y                        Macro ID Number 1
     Ec&f0X                        Start Macro Definition
     Ec*p500x300Y                  Absolute Cursor Position
                                   500 dots in X, 300 dots
                                   in Y
     Macro Example                 Macro Text
     Ec&f1X                        Stop Macro Definition
     Ec&f10X                       Make Macro Permanent
     The following commands contain the Overlay command that
     invokes the macro:
     Ec&f1y4X                      Combined printer command,
                                   Macro ID number 1,
                                   Overlay macro
     Ec*p150x600Y                  Absolute cursor position
                                   150 dots in X, 600 dots
                                   in Y
     Ec(s1p60v0s0b4168T            Antique Olive font, 60
                                   point size
     Macros are fun!               Variable Text
     EcE                           Reset

          Note:  A printer reset will disable an
                 overlay macro from printing on
                 subsequent documents.  The page
                 eject command (Ec&l0H) can be
                 used in the place of the reset
                 to eject the current page and
                 continue using the macro overlay
                 on following pages.

            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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