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We have spent many pages here studying different aspects of designing, and prototyping, with dynamic memories. When you set out to do a study such as this it helps to have a target for your discussion. I chose the Zilog Z80 microprocessor because I am seeing quite a bit of interest in it on the Internet. I have fielded many questions about Z80's since I have been monitoring these newsgroups.

I have been designing with dynamic memories since the days of the 4116. If you don't know what that is, that's O.K.. This was the late 1970's. I have implemented many DRAM designs in that time. Every one of the problems described in this paper, I have experienced personally, or seen associates experience. That is why I chose to pass this knowledge on to you. I have seen more DRAM prototypes that didn't work than the ones that did. Somewhere along the way I developed the techniques described here, and since then, have been very successful, even with wire wrapping prototypes.

Now you have the tools to work with. I wish you good luck with your designs.

-- Tim Olmstead

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