Note: This page is a copy of the original from which is long since gone along with Mr. Emmet, the programs author. I corrisponded with his wife after his passing and recovered his page from the internet archive to make sure she would continue to recieve registration funds until she also passed. As far as I know, source code was lost, but this remains a very useful program.

Dave Emmett's Softy Support Page

Softy allows you to create and update TrueType and bitmap fonts. It runs under Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT), and requires a 386 or better. Supported bitmap font formats are at present Windows FON and FNT, and LaserJet SFP and SFL soft fonts.

This page hosts the latest version and provides general support information on Softy.

If you come across any bugs not listed below (in any version) or have any questions about Softy which don't seem to be covered by the FAQ below or the Softy Help, email me

Softy is Shareware. You are free to evaluate the software for 30 days. If you continue to use Softy after that, please register it.

To register Softy:

We believe Mr. Emmet has also passed as she no longer replies to emails or letters. Please consider making a donation to your favorite charity in the Emmett name.

Mail a cheque - 15 pounds sterling ( preferred ) or US $25 payable to 'L. Emmett' to:

L. Emmett
180 London Road,
Aston Clinton,
Buckinghamshire HP22 5LE

I am also happy to accept the cash equivalent amount in any convertible currency.


I will normally keep one or two versions available for download, the 'latest' version and a 'fallback' for a time after uploading a new version.

The latest version is 1.07b. This version fixes bugs listed for version 107a. Download (164Kb).

The current fallback is 1.07. Download (150Kb).

A later version is available on request from registered users only. This fixes the 107b bugs, and adds the following features :

FAQ and Step-by-Step Guides

Enhancement Wish list

BUGS - known errors by version

Version History

How Softy started... I play Bass in the Ellesborough Silver Band. My eyesight isn't too good, and some of the music isn't that clear, so I wrote a notation program to print legible copies. This turned out to need a custom font. I looked for a shareware Font Editor and couldn't find one...


Now you've created your font, see what it looks like in 3D!