These pages are devoted to Win32asm programming and related matters.
The only aim is to share some files that I've found out there and some pieces of code that I wrote in the lasts months.
If you have any material that you consider helpful and want me to add it here
let me know.

Hope you like it

03/21/2000: - Win32 Programmer's Reference available again.
03/15/2000: - CRC32 calculator for byte streams in files.
03/14/2000: - Anita v1.4 will notify you about LAN intruders...!
03/13/2000: - Topo v1.2 ***UPDATE*** A little new feature added

- Win32 Programmer's Ref. will be unavailable for a couple of weeks...:o(

02/20/2000: - Added a password extractor for PackageForTheWeb protected files

- Win32 Programmer's Reference FULL version added to Helps

  - Added a simple example of PE crypter
11/15/1999: - Topo v1.1 ***UPDATED*** New features and some bugs fixed
- Added some samples of Topo uses applied to popular 'Notepad'
11/14/1999: - ASCII hex/dec codes in winhelp format added to Helps
10/17/1999: - Topo v1.0 utility added to samples
10/14/1999: - Stuff added
10/13/1999: - This site open
MrCrimson's Win32Asm WebRing site.
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