Here are some little win32ASM applications I found useful or interesting.

Note: Some of this applications may not work properly under earlier Win95 versions.
To fix it download and run comctl.exe

[PE utilities]
WinKripT v1.0 Simple EXE/DLL cryptor MrCrimson
ToPo v1.2 Adds 'codeable' areas to Win32 exe/dll's **UPDATED** MrCrimson
Topo Examples

Some examples of using Topo. Memory-patching ASPACK and UPX.

OffCal v1.0 Converts memory addresses into file offsets MrCrimson
CheckSum v1.0 Updates the checksum value in PE files MrCrimson
PEDal v1.0 List the most significative fields of PE headers MrCrimson
[Software Protection]
CRCalc v1.0 CRC32 calculator for files (fragments allowed) MrCrimson
PFTW PassRec Instantaneous Password Extractor for PackageFortheWeb v2.1 MrCrimson
Nice WKT WEB Starter App protected with PFTW v2.1 for testing the Passwd Extractor MrCrimson
WiniceSpy Winice detector based on MeltICE. Source MrCrimson
Anita v1.4 Notify about LAN intruders. A little piece of paranoidware. MrCrimson
[ASM Jokes]
CD open Open & close the CD tray periodically. Source MrCrimson
Minimize Minimize periodically the active window. Source MrCrimson
ShutDown Periodically tries to shutdown Windows. Source MrCrimson