Ubicom SX Embedded Controller Device Programmer

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Software for Scenix Parallel Port Programmer by jpb (April 21, 1999) The latest software now includes an erase option, user configurable LPT port, port detect, Intel Hex dump, test option, and verify, good work jpb!

Scenix Parallel Port Programmer PCB/Schematic by jpb (April 1, 1999) The latest hardware design for the Scenix programmer. A complete programmer that operates from a standard parallel port on a PC. It has sockets for both the SX18 and SX28 as well as a connector for ISP. This design has an added buffer for signals from the parallel port and LEDs for visual indication of operation.

schematic: GIF (54k) JPG (147k)

board: PDF (87k) EPS (121k) GIF (169k)

code: source (22k) scenix2.exe (82k) readme.txt

Usage: scenix2 filename.sxh [/D][/E][/H][/S][/T][/V][/Z][/?][/Fxxx][/Xxxx]

         /Fxxx - Fuse Word (must be hex and 3 digits long)
         /Xxxx - FuseX Word (must be hex and 3 digits long)

         /D - Dump contents of chip     
         /E - Erase chip                
         /H or /? - Display this screen 
         /S - Show me the Verify        
         /T - Test hardware WITHOUT CHIP
         /V - Verify chip with file     
         /Z - Use 10msec Program Time   

         Default is LPT1 (0x378)        
         To change this create an env   
         variable named SXLPT           
         At the dos prompt type:        
         Set SXLPT=1 for adr=0x378      
         Set SXLPT=2 for adr=0x278      
         Set SXLPT=3 for adr=0x3BC