Link creating method
to my homepage

Below I will show link creating method to my home page from your home page.

Acquisition of the banner

Take in a banner which you like.

    The taking-in method may depend by the browser to be using.

    In case of Internet Explorer

    Move mouse pointer of your PC to the banner.

    Next, click the right switch of mouse.

    Click 'Save image as ...(S)' from the displayed list.
    ( I don't know how to be displayed in the browser of the English edition. You choose the menu to save by putting a name. )

    Because it asks the place which saves a file, you specify the place which is saving the GIF file of your home page.

    The file name of the banner is ' inoue.gif '.

    It is almost same in case of Netscape, but the list display contents when clicking on the right may be different.

Creating the link
    When you are using a home page making tool
    You set a hyperlink to the banner.
    URL is http://www.hobby-elec.com/.

    When you are using a text editor for home page making

    You put the following lines.

    <A HREF="http://www.hobby-elec.com/">
    <IMG SRC="gif/FILENAME" ALT="The Hobby Electronics" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=34 BORDER=0>

    The 'gif /' which is put in front of 'FILENAME' is the folder which is saved a banner file.
    WIDTH and HEIGHT depend on the size of banner.