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Acquirement of the software development tool
and Iinstallation

When making software, I examine the flow of the processing using the flow chart and so on. After that, I make a source code using Editor. I am doing these work by the handwork. After making a source code, I change it into the machine code for PIC using the assembler.
As for the work after this work, the tools are used. I am using MPLAB of the Microchip Inc..

Download of the tools
MPLAB can be gotten from the link of the following.

PLANET MICROCHIP Development Tools

When clicking MPLAB-IDE, it is possible to jump to the page of the download.
The page of the Microchip Inc. has the possibility to be changed.

The version when making this HP is "MPLAB Version 5.00".
The file is condensed in the ZIP form. The size of download file "MPL5000.zip" is 8.54 MB.

The following explanation is using MPLAB Version5.00.

Installation of the tool
    First, you extract MPL5000.zip. The extract tool of ZIP is necessary separately.
    Installation work is begun when double-clicking extracted setup.exe.

    The flow of the installation
The installation of the tool progresses with the following flow.
It is possible to install if clicking the "NEXT" button basically.
Title of the screenContents

1. Welcome
This is a greeting screen.
2. Select Components
The software to install can be chosen.
To install all is a default setting.
3. Select Destination Directory
The directory which installs a program can be specified.
To make MPLAB under Program Files is a default setting.
4. Backup Replaced Files?
When a file is changed while installing, it is possible to back up.
Not to back up is a default setting.
5. Add to Start Menu?
This is an addition confirmation screen to the Start menu.
To add is a default setting.
6. Linker Script Location
This is the confirmation screen of the directory making for the linker script.
The directory which is the same as MPLAB is a default setting.
7. Select System Files
This is the confirmation screen whether or not which stores DLL file in the SYSTEM directory of WINDOWS.
To store all DLL in MPLAB is a default setting.
8. Ready to Install!
This is the screen which reports that the installation preparation was complete.
The installation begins when clicking NEXT.
9. Installing
The progress situation of the installation is displayed by the bar graph.
10. View README Files?
This is the confirmation screen whether or not which displays README file.
To display is a default setting.
11. Installation Completed!
This is the screen which reports that the installation was complete.
The installation completes when clicking the Finish button.

The initial screen of MPLAB
Microchip MPLAB is added to the Start menu when the installation completes. MPLAB and MPASM and HELP are added into it.
MPASM is an assembler. It is used when assembling a source code independently.
It is possible to start up from MPLAB.