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Hardware of the PIC16F877

On these pages, I will explain the hardware specification of PICF877. The contents of the explanation is the part which is different from PIC16F873. So, as for the basic specification, refer to PIC16F873. As for the detailed specification, refer to PIC16F87x.
PIC16F877 is PIC which is placed in the higher rank of PIC16F873 and the capacity of the program memory and so on is big capacity compared with 873. The function which is in 877, not being in 873 is the function of the parallel communication. It is called PSP( Parallel Slave Port ). Please refer to the following table about the function and the capacity.

RA0-5 :Input/Output port A
RB0-7 :Input/Output port B
RC0-7 :Input/Output port C
RD0-7 :Input/Output port D
RE0-2 :Input/Output port E
AN0-7 :Analog input port
RX :USART Asynchronous Receive
TX :USART Asynchronous Transmit
SCK :Synchronous serial clock input
SCL :Output for both SPI and I2C modes
DT :Synchronous Data
CK :Synchronous Clock
SDO :SPI Data Out ( SPI mode )
SDI :SPI Data In ( SPI mode )
SDA :Data I/O ( I2C mode )
CCP1,2 :Capture In/Compare Out/PWM Out
OSC1/CLKIN :Oscillator In/Ecternal Clock In
OSC2/CLKOUT :Oscillator Out/Clock Out
MCLR :Master Clear ( Active low Reset )
Vpp :Programming voltage input
THV :High voltage test mode control
VREF+/- :Reference voltage
SS :Slave select for the synchronous serial port
T0CKI :Clock input to Timer0
T1OSO :Timer1 oscillator output
T1OSI :Timer1 oscillator input
T1CKI :Clock input to Timer1
PGD :Serial programming data
PGC :Serial programming clock
PGM :Low voltage programinng input
INT :External interrupt
RD :Read control for the parallel slave port
WR :Write control for the parallel slave port
CS :Select control for the parallel slave
PSP0-7 :Parallel slave port
VDD :Positive supply for logic and I/O pins
Vss :Ground reference for logic and I/O pins

Key FeaturesPIC16F873PIC16F874PIC16F876PIC16F877
MAX Operating Frequency20MHz20MHz20MHz20MHz
FLASH Program Memory
(14-bit words)
Data Memory (bytes)192192368368
EEPROM Data Memory (bytes)128128256256
I/O Ports RA0-5 (6)
RB0-7 (8)
RC0-7 (8)
RA0-5 (6)
RB0-7 (8)
RC0-7 (8)
RD0-7 (8)
RE0-2 (3)
RA0-5 (6)
RB0-7 (8)
RC0-7 (8)
RA0-5 (6)
RB0-7 (8)
RC0-7 (8)
RD0-7 (8)
RE0-2 (3)
Parallel Communications-PSP-PSP
10-bit Analog-to-Digital Module5 Channels8 Channels5 Channels8 Channels
Instruction Set35 Instructions35 Instructions35 Instructions35 Instructions
Pins (DIP)28 Pins40 Pins28 Pins40 Pins

SFR ( Special Function Registers )

Configuration Bits

PSP ( Parallel Slave Port )
Refer to the 38/200 page of the data sheet.
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