Access Ranking

An access state of some pages are shown on the following pages.
Because the number of the access was measured by the access counters
which were put on the pages, it has the possibility not to be correct.

The accumulation access count to the Menu page
The daily access count to the Menu page

August 24th, 2005 to August 23rd, 2006
August 24th, 2004 to August 23rd, 2005
August 24th, 2003 to August 23rd, 2004
August 24th, 2002 to August 23rd, 2003
August 24th, 2001 to August 23rd, 2002
August 24th, 2000 to August 23rd, 2001
August 24th, 1999 to August 23rd, 2000
January 1st, 1999 to December 31th, 1999