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Parts List with Assembly Notes

Qty     Type        Part    Spec            Form
------- ----------- ------- --------------- -----------------------
1       uC          IC2     PIC '877        DIP
1       socket      IC2s    40 PIN 0.6"     DIP
12      transistor  Q1-Q12  MOSFET N 60V 5A 2-7B1B
Populate the FETs Q1 12 with the tab above the white bar.
1       transistor  Q13     NPN BJT         TO-92
                            600ma 40V  
Installed with the flat side as indicated on the PCB
1       capacitor   C1      1000u 50V       5mm lead spacing
1       capacitor   C2      10u 25V         2mm lead spacing
The polarized capacitors with the plus sign on the same side as the plus sign silkscreened on the board.
2       capacitor   C3,C5   22p 100V        6.35mm lead spacing
Little dull brown disk
1       capacitor   C4      0u1 50V         5mm lead spacing
Really little, shiny brown disk
13      resistor    R1-12,  1k 5%           1/4W
                    R17     brown-black-red-gold
1       resistor    R13     10k 5%          1/4W
2       resistor    R14,R15 330 5%          1/4W
1       resistor    R16     5.1R 5%         5W
WIREWOUND Additional units included to tune certain stepper motors. Ignore extras.
1       osc         XT1     4 MHz           HC-49

14      diode       D1-12,  800V max        DO41
The diodes are installed with the band above the white band,
1       LED         LED1    clear, 3mm      T1
Place the longer lead of LED1 in the hole marked with a plus sign.
5       terminal    X1-3,   3pin terminal   0.2" SIP screw
                    Y1-3,   strip

The screw terminal blocks feature a dovtailed protrusion on one side and a dovetailed slot on the other; assemble five 3-terminal blocks together for the connections to the motor
1       header      SV6     pin header      0.1" SIP

1       connector   SV8     HD, M 4pin Pwr  0.2" SIP

The connectors SV9 and SV10 are for future expansion and for in-circuit programming; they are not necessary for normal assembly.+
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