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Language Ccpp Cref Examples Atof.c

/ ****************************************************************
 * Purpose: Program to demonstrate the 'atof' and 'gets' functions.
 * Author:  M J Leslie
 * Date:    08/05/94

#include <stdio.h> 		/* puts gets			*/
#include <stdlib.h>		/* atof				*/

    char str1[80], str2[80];	/* define a couple o' strings.	*/
    double result;		/* Result of multiplication.	*/

    puts ("This program will multiply two floating point numbers.");
    puts ("Warning: The program will accept invalid data, and give");
    puts ("you crap results in return.\n");
    puts ("Please enter the first number.");

    puts ("And the second.");

    result = atof(str1) * atof(str2);
    printf("Answer is %8.2f\n", result);

 * Here is an example run.
 * This program will multiply two floating point numbers.
 * Warning: The program will accept invalid data, and give
 * you crap results as a result.
 * Please enter the first number.
 * 20
 * And the second.
 * .5
 * Answer is    10.00

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