strtok function

All the books that I have read, say that strtok will break a string into tokens. This is true, but a more obvious explanation is, that it will break a string into words.

strtok requires a string and the word delimiters, for example:

	   word = strtok(string, " ");
	                   A      A
	                   |      |
	                   |	  -------  Delimiters.
	                   --------------  String to break up.

Library: string.h Prototype: char * strtok(char *s, const char *delim); Syntax: char string []="abc def ghi"; char * word; word=strtok(string, " "); word=strtok(NULL, " ");

After the first call to strtok, word will point to abc on the second call, word will point to def



Example program.

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Martin Leslie