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Using AOLpress Over the Internet

You should have an Internet service provider (such as America Online), a modem, and the appropriate connection software (Trumpet winsock, Chameleon, AOL, etc.) to use AOLpress over the Internet. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can still use AOLpress to author and access local files. You will have access to all of the functionality of AOLpress, but you will not be able to access network locations (such as web sites) to Open, Save, Save As, or Delete online.

The information that follows is for the 16-bit version of AOLpress for Windows only.  If you have the Macintosh version of AOLpress or the 32-bit version of AOLpress for Windows, then it is very unlikely that you will run into difficulty with the installation of AOLpress.  If you do, however, then you should view the Readme file.

With the 16-bit version of AOLpress for Windows, a WINSOCK.DLL file must be located on your hard drive in order for AOLpress to work. When you install AOLpress, it looks for that WINSOCK.DLL (either loaded in memory or in your path), and if it exists, the installation proceeds normally. If it doesn't exist or can't be found, you get the message, "Couldn't find TCP/IP network (WINSOCK.DLL); Would you like a standalone installation?"  If you proceed with a standalone installation, a null WINSOCK.DLL is placed in the directory with the AOLpress executable (aolpress.exe). AOLpress binds to this null WINSOCK and gives you a message that you aren't connected to the network the first time that you try to access a network location.  In simpler terms, this means that if you perform the standalone installation, then you will be able to use AOLpress, but it will be limited to working with files on your local drive.

If you've already installed AOLpress standalone and now you want to use it over the Internet, you must change the installation.  Note:  This does not apply to you if you use AOL as your Internet connection; in that case, all you must do to access Internet sites with AOLpress is to launch AOL before you launch AOLpress, so that AOLpress can grab onto AOL's Internet connection.  If you use AOL 2.5, then you must install the WINSOCK.DLL file (available at keyword WINSOCK).  First, get and install the appropriate access software and arrange for Internet access from a provider such as AOL. After you've installed your network connection, start the Windows File Manager and Search for aolpress.exe. Delete the WINSOCK.DLL file that is in the same directory as aolpress.exe.

If you delete WINSOCK.DLL, haven't installed another WINSOCK, and then try to use AOLpress, it won't start. Either install a valid WINSOCK or reinstall AOLpress to change your configuration.

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