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Page Attributes

This window allows you to select colors for the page background, the normal text, text with an unused link, and text with a link that you have already used. The window also enables you to rate your page content, and add Toolbar Navigation Buttons to your page.

To set background and text colors for the whole page:

  1. Choosing the FormatPage Attributes menu item while a Web page in your local directory or on a web server is open, opens the following window.

  1. Click the Pick... button next to the item whose color you want to set. You will see the standard Color window.

  2. Select a color from this window. You may want to choose one of the standard colors so that the background will not be dithered (spotted).
  3. Click OK in the Color window.
  4. In the Page Attributes window, you can set another color or click OK to see the effects of your changes.

    If you set any color, we recommend that you set all four colors to prevent conflicts with settings your readers may have. For example, if you set a light background color and use the default text colors, a reader with a default background of black and light text may not be able to read your page because the text may appear light on a light background. The default colors are:
    Background Gray: #c0c0c0
    Text Black: #000000
    Link Blue: #0000ff
    Visited Link Deep Purple: #400080

To select a background image:

  1. Type a URL in the Image field or click Browse... to find the image. If the image you select is smaller than the browser window, the image will be "tiled" to fill the whole space. You should use an image with edges that match up when the image is tiled. Tiling allows you to specify a small image that will load quickly.
  2. You can click the Rel button to change the reference to the background image to a relative URL. If the reference is already a relative reference, you can click the Abs button to change the reference to an absolute reference.
  3. If you want to copy the background image you selected to the same directory as your page, check the Import Image box.
  4. Click OK to see the effects of your changes.

AOLpress now shows background images behind transparent GIF images if the Transparent GIF Image Display method is selected in the ToolsPreferencesGeneral window.

Rating Your Page Content

If your pages contain text, images, or other content that might be offensive to children (or to their parents or teachers), you should add a rating to your pages. The rating you add can be used by several browsers that let parents and teachers control the level of potentially offensive material children can see.

There are two methods for setting the rating on your page: with RSACi and with Safe Surf.

To rate your page with RSACi:

RSACi will be supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer in the near future.

  1. Go to the RSAC Web site at and fill out the questionnaire to rate a page, a directory, or your entire site. You will be given a rating that reflects your answers to the questionnaire. Your rating will look similar to this:
    <META http-equiv="PICS-Label" content='(PICS-1.0 "" l gen true comment "RSACi North America Server" by "" for "" on "1996.04.16T08:15-0500" exp "1997.01.01T08:15-0500" r (n 2 s 0 v 1 l 0))'>
  2. Highlight and copy the part of the rating shown in bold above. (That is, copy all the text between the quote marks at the beginning and end of the "content=" argument in this HTML tag.)
  3. Paste the text you copied into the PICS Label field in the Page Attributes window

To rate your page with SafeSurf:

AOLpress lets you select SafeSurf ratings rather than typing the label by hand.

  1. Click the Safe Surf button. You will see the Safe Surf window.
  2. Add a rating by selecting different levels for any set of categories. Initially, all categories are unrated.
    For example, the levels for "Nudity" are: subtle innuendo, explicit innuendo, technical reference, non-graphic-artistic, graphic-artistic, graphic, detailed graphic, explicit vulgarity, and explicit and crude.
  3. After you rate your page in all categories that apply, click OK. The SafeSurf rating for the levels you selected will appear in the PICS Label field.
    For example, if you say your page contains non-graphic-artistic nudity, the rating label will look like this: (PICS-1.0 "" l on "1996.05.14T15:36+0800 r (SS~~004 4). You can cut and paste this label to the Page Attributes window for your other pages if you like. It is important to rate all your pages that can be found by searching the Web.
  4. Click OK in the Page Attributes window when you have finished rating your page.

To add a bulletin to your page:

Bulletins add a hidden description and the date and time (in Universal Time) the description was last changed to your page. (Bulletins can also allow you to notify users of Smart Bookmarks by FirstFloor when you update your pages.)

  1. Click the Bulletin button.
  2. Type some text to describe your page and click OK.
  3. To see the tags for your bulletin, you can choose Tools Show HTML and look near the beginning of your page.

Adding ToolBar Navigation Buttons

You can add toolbar icons that link to pages like your "Home", "Next" and "Index" pages. Each page can have whatever set of toolbar icons you want to add. Many browsers do not currently display these additional toolbar icons, but for browsers that do display them, you can make navigation much easier. (Until most browsers support adding toolbar icons, we recommend that you also provide navigation buttons in your pages.)

Adding toolbar navigation buttons:

  1. In the Link Type field, select the type of toolbar icon you want to add. You can add the following types of icons (see a page with one of each button type):
    Link to the home page Link to the "next" page in a series of related pages
    Link to the table of contents Link to the "previous" page in a series of related pages
    Link to the index Link to help information for this site
    Link to the glossary Link to a bookmark you want to provide
    Link to the copyright information Link to the "first" page in a series of related pages
    Link to the next "higher" level in a hierarchy of pages Link to the "last" page in a series of related pages
  2. In the Link To field, type the location of the page you want this icon to link to. You can click the Browse button to search for the file you want. You can change the link from absolute to relative and back with the Abs/Rel button.
  3. If you want to change the text shown when the mouse cursor hovers over this icon, type your text in the Button Help field. For example, if you create a bookmark icon, you should provide information about what type of page the bookmark links to.
  4. Click OK to see the effects of your changes.

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