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Creating Applet Parameter Files

You can create parameter files to make it easier for you and other AOLpress users to include your applets in their pages.

When you drag an applet from a MiniWeb to a page, AOLpress searches the MiniWeb for a file with the same name as the class file but with a file extension of .param. This file can contain a list of parameters the applet accepts, valid and default values for parameters, and formatting information for windows that prompt for parameter values. If a .param file does not exist, AOLpress looks for a .java source file, and scans it to find parameters.

If AOLpress finds parameters for the applet, it displays a window with fields for each parameter. For example, the following windows ask for several values.

Creating a parameter file:

  1. Choose File New New Page to open an empty page window.
  2. Choose Format Paragraph Preformatted.
  3. Type the text of your parameter file. For example, the parameter file that allows AOLpress to create the previous windows looks like this:
        Parameters for Satellite Applet={title}
        Set values for each parameter:={text}
        scale={atom,planet,solarsys,galaxy,megacluster} planet
        label=Hello World
        helplink={url} satell/help.html
        centerimage={imageurl} satell/jupiter.gif
    The first line in this example sets the window title for the first window. You can use any text followed by "={title}". The second line puts text in the window to explain what users should do. You can use as many of these text lines as you like. Just end each text line with "={text}". The line that says "{next}" splits the list of parameters into multiple windows that have Next and Prev buttons.
    The rest of the lines in this parameter file define parameter fields:
            scale={atom,planet,solarsys,galaxy,megacluster} planet
            helplink={url} satell/help.html
  4. Choose File Save As. In the Save As window, click the Options button and choose to save the page as "Text" before you save the file. Use the same filename as the corresponding Java .class file, but change the file extension to .param.

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