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Check Links  gives you the ability to select an AOLpress page and check the links it contains. AOLpress finds links that are not working, for whatever reason. You can then edit your document and links as needed. Without Check Links, you would have to click on each link in the document to verify it.

To check the links in any Web page:

  1. Choose the Tools Check Links menu item from a page window to open the Check Links window.
  2. Watch the window.

AOLpress scans all links to the page and verifies that they exist. A status message in the window keeps you apprised on AOLpress' activity. If it finds a bad link, the status message changes to indicate the problem. If no bad links are found you get "no bad links found" message.

If you get a "Could not find `http://....' message, you can edit the URL.

Changing a Link:

  1. Edit the URL as necessary in the Link to Page field.
  2. Select the Change button.

This corrects the link in the page and moves on to check the next link.

Adding an Anchor Name or Target Frame:

  1. To link to a specific location in a page, type an anchor name in the Append Anchor Name field. (You must also create the anchor for this link.)
  2. If you are using frames, choose the frame you want to display the linked page in the Target Frame field.
  3. Select the Change button.

This changes the link, adds the anchor and/or target frame, and moves on to check the next link.

Close the Check Links window:

While the Check Links window is open, your page is locked. You cannot browse any links until you close the Check Links window. If you try you get a "This page is temporarily locked..." message at the bottom of your Page window. You can use the File Open window to load pages though.

Stopping Link Checking:

This gives you an "aborted `http://....[name of link currently being checked]'" message and allows you to change the link.

Checking the Next Link:

Use after interruption, or if you wish to keep a link that is currently unavailable.

Browsing to Choose Links:

If you want to change the URL of a link, you may want to browse your local files or your PrimeHost hosting service directory.

  1. Click the Browse... button.
  2. Click on the down-arrow to the right of the Drives / Sites field to choose a drive or server to browse. If you enter a site you cannot browse, you see a "Cannot Browse Location" message.
  3. Use the Files and Directory lists to browse files and directories once you have chosen a drive or server.

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