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New Features in AOLpress 2.0

This version of AOLpress allows you to create frames within Web pages, has a cleaner look, and gives you faster responses. (If you are moving from v1.1 or earlier to v2.0, check out the new features in v1.2.)

New feature categories:


Frames let you divide the page window into sections. See the page on Using Frames for details on how to create frames with AOLpress.

New Window Design

The windows in the software are cleaner and clearer.

The Absolutize/Relativize buttons have been replaced with smaller Abs/Rel buttons.

Creating Pages

The File menu contains a "New" submenu that lets you create any of the following items: Pages, MiniWebs, and FrameSets.


You can create an e-mail link by choosing the ElementE-mail Link menu item. Then type the e-mail address of the person you want the link to send mail to. If you select text before choosing ElementE-mail Link, that text will become a link. If you did not select anything first, the e-mail address will automatically be added to the page and linked.

If you leave your mouse cursor motionless over a link for a second, AOLpress shows the link location in a blue popup area. You can turn off these popups by choosing HelpShow Page Popups. (Windows only)

You can create "bulletins" for links and for pages. Bulletins store a description you provide and the date the link was created. (Bulletins can also allow you to notify users of Smart Bookmarks by FirstFloor when you update your pages.)


AOLpress displays transparent GIF images correctly even if your images are on top of a background image.

You can set the exact Width and Height of an image in the window you see when you choose the ElementImage menu item. You can still resize images by dragging their borders with the mouse, too. To reset the width and height to the actual size of the image, open the Image window and remove the values from the Width and Height fields. When you click OK, the image will return to its actual size.


You can convert a table to ordinary paragraphs by putting the cursor in the table and choosing the FormatRemove Table Format menu item.

You can center a table by putting the cursor in the table and choosing the TableCenter Table menu item. You can uncenter a table by choosing the TableUncenter Table menu item.


MiniWebs now have a white background. The links in a name or title MiniWeb view have a colored background.

Server-Side Include Support

If you use "server-side includes (SSI)" (also called "server-parsed HTML") to automatically include other files, environment variables, or the results of programs in your pages, you can now edit your source code with AOLpress (if your pages are stored on a v2.0 or later AOLserver).

To make AOLpress load the HTML source files without interpreting the server-side include commands, choose ToolsPreferencesGeneral and put a check in the "Never Load" box for Server Side Includes. If you are viewing the HTML for a page, you can choose FileReload without SSI to see the server-side include commands and FileReload with SSI to see the results when the commands are interpreted.

Server-side include commands are stored as comments in the HTML code, so you only see them when you edit the HTML. For example, the command to include a file called "include.txt" would look like:

  <!--#include file="include.txt" -->

HTML Support

When you highlight something in your page and leave your mouse cursor motionless over the selection for a second, AOLpress shows the HTML code behind the selection in a pink popup area. You can turn off these popups by choosing HelpShow Page Popups. (Windows only)

When you choose EditFind/Replace from a MiniWeb window, you can choose to search the HTML behind your pages by putting a check mark in the Search HTML box. Normally, AOLpress searches only the text that is visible in your pages.

The following new HTML features are supported if you add them to your pages by editing the HTML directly.

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