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Additional Tags Supported

The new HTML 3.2 draft specification contains many of the HTML extensions introduced by Netscape and Microsoft. In fact, the differences between HTML 3.2 and Netscape's HTML are minor. AOLpress supports HTML 3.2. (You can choose to conform to Netscape or HTML 3.2 in the Tools Preferences General window.

See "Conform To"  under General Preferences for details about how tags differ in HTML 3.2 and Netscape.

In addition to the HTML tags you can add through WYSIWYG editing in AOLpress, the effects of the additional tags and attributes listed in the following table can be seen in AOLpress. Other browsers may not yet support these additional tags.

You can add these tags and attributes to your pages by editing the HTML directly. However, you should have some experience working with HTML before you do this. See the following URLs for details on these HTML tags and their attributes:

HTML 3.2 (

Netscape (

Microsoft (

Tag Description
<AU>, <PERSON>, <ACRONYM>, and <ABBREV> Formats these types of content: authors, people, acronyms, and abbreviations.

<BQ> Abbreviation for <BLOCKQUOTE>
<DIV ALIGN= STYLE=> Create divisions within a page where all elements have the same alignment. Some style sheet support is also included.
<FONT FACE=> Lets you specify a different font for some text.
<HR> attributes: ALIGN, NOSHADE, WIDTH, SIZE, and COLOR Controls the shading, width, height, and outline color of horizontal rules.
<IMG> attributes: HSPACE, and VSPACE Controls the amount of space around images.
<INPUT> attribute: DISABLED Prevents the reader from setting a value in a field.
<INPUT TYPE=RANGE> with attributes of NAME, VALUE, MIN, and MAX Creates a sliding range field in a form.
<LI VALUE=> Sets number for an ordered list item.
<P CLEAR=> <BR CLEAR=> Moves text down to clear space after an image. If you use LEFT or RIGHT alignment for images near each other, you will probably want to use this tag. The CLEAR attribute can be set to LEFT, RIGHT, or ALL.
<OL START= TYPE=> Sets start number and numbering type for a numbered list. Numbering type can be 1 (numbers), A (uppercase letters), a (lowercase letters), I (uppercase Roman numerals), or i (lowercase Roman numerals).
<P NOWRAP> Prevents the browser from adding line breaks to a paragraph other than the line breaks in the HTML code. This is similar to <PRE>, but does not use the fixed-width font.
<SPACER TYPE= SIZE=> Adds an indent if TYPE="horizontal" or extra spacing between lines if TYPE="vertical". Size is measured in pixels.
<SPAN STYLE= > Some style sheet support is provided.
<TAB> with ID, TO, and INDENT attributes Sets tab stops and indents text. For example, Item 1: <TAB ID=T1>description <P><TAB TO=T1>2nd description paragraph
<TABLE>, <TR>, <TD>, and <TH> attributes: WIDTH, UNITS, NOWRAP, COLSPEC, BGCOLOR, BORDERCOLOR, BORDERCOLORLIGHT, and BORDERCOLORDARK Provide additional control over width, formatting, and color of tables.
<TBODY>, <THEAD>, <TFOOT>, <COLGROUP>, and <COL> tags Extensions to tables for formatting headers, footers, and columns.
<TEXTAREA WRAP=PHYSICAL> Makes text automatically wrap to the next line rather than scrolling until Return is pressed.
<UL TYPE=> Sets bullet type for an unnumbered list to "disk", "circle" or "square".

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