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Installing procedures for using Microsoft's Mswinsock

Microsoft ships a license key with Visual Basic for the mswinsck.ocx so that a programmer using VB is able to easily use this ActiveX in his or her own program. So in other words there is a licensing key so that a programmer can develop with this product under a full version of Visual Basic. Once that programmer writes a program with VB they produce a setup file for distribution. Once this program is installed on a users computer it dose not need the license file since the user is not registered or has not paid money to big brother Bill at Microsoft. This really causes a problem when you could be developing with this ActiveX control and using it in VBScript or JavaScript. So I am going to show you how to install a license on your computer and register the ActiveX file along with the supporting files. This will allow you to try out the demos that I have supplied called Lessons 1, Lesson 2, & Lesson 3.

Note: This has only been tried on a Win98 machine. If you have any questions please contact me at .

Okay first you need to download the file. Once you have done this you will want to unzip it to a folder. All you have to do is execute the WINSCK.BAT file and it should self install everything as long as your directory structure is the same. If your directory structure is not the same then you will need to make appropriate changes to the file. Here is a listing of the file.









COPY should be self explanatory, it copies the files from the folder you are executing from to the c:windowssystem directory. You may need to make changes to this if say your windows directory is called winsystem or your hard drives name is j:.


This simply registers your files in the correct place in the windows registry.

After this file executes and the confirmation dialog box's come up and you close them then you want to install the license to be able to develop with the winsock.ocx by double clicking winsock.reg file. You will get a dialog box that asks if you want to add this to the registry, simply press yes. Then you should see a dialog box that says it has been successfully added to the registry.

You are now ready to try the next lesson of using the ActiveX Winsock and VBScript to send UDP to and from the SX Stack.

Hope you all enjoy.

Timothy Hosey

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