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Subject: National Debt analysis by John Welden

There was a letter to the editor stating how much the national debt increased under Bill Clinton.

That made me wonder if my thoughts was all wrong.   The public library furnish the "Table 7.1" of the "FEDERAL DEBT AT THE END OF YEAR: 1049 - 2008"

Using this table I made an extension to the figures in the Tabke 7-1. which shows what party controlled the white house during this period.  Then add a column for year increase /decrease, and column for the incrase/ decrease in the four year white house term.

It did surprise me that from 1940 to 2004 the white house was until the control of each party 32 year each.  But then when I compared the net debt increase for each party I was amazed as you will be when you review my work sheet.

The work sheet is an MS Excel file.  You can down loaded and review with out saving it to a disk.

But it you want to save it to disk you will have to have a spread sheet file to then print it out.

In 1940 the net national debt was only

$ 42,772 Million

The 32 years that the Republican had the white increase

$ 3,272,116 Million

The 32 years that the Democrat  had the white increae

$ 851,173 Million

The estamated balance at fiscal year 2004

$ 4,166,061 Million

The republican annual debt increase

$ 102,254 Million

The democrat annual debt increase

$ 26,599 Million

When Bill Clintion was elected he stated one of item he would address was the national debt.

The annual debt in the last yearof George Bush Sr. was $310,738 Million Increase
The first year of Bill Clinton the year: 1993 was $248,660 Million Increase
The Second Year for clinton the year: 1994 was $184,668 Million Increase
The Third Year for Clinton the year: 1995 was $171,313 Million Increase
The forth year for Clinton the year: 1996 was $129,695 Million Increase
Clinton's policies was working and the second term really showed results.
2nd term first year the year: 1997 only $38,271 Million Increase
2nd term second year the year: 1998 good $51,245 Million Decrease
2nd Term Third year the year: 1999 better $88,738 Million Decrease
2nd Term four year the year: 2000 better yet $222,559 Million Decrease
When GW Bush was elected {ed: appointed?} by the supreme court. His effort was
First year the year: 2001 down to $90,189 Million Decrease
Second year the year: 2002 back to $220,812 Million Increase
Third year  Estimate before final the year: 2003 $338,623 Million Increase
Fourth Year  Estimate before final the year: 2004 $287,623 Million Increase

If GW Bush is elected for second term his budget office forcast $836,886 Million Increase for the four years.

When can we say enough is enough and get back to reducing the national debt?  We can not continue the type of policies now in place if we want to stop the decline into a deep debt which cannot be paid.

Pass this on to every one so they will know how to vote in November.

John Welden

Subject: FW: National Debt analysis by John Welden

This man (John Welden) is like a father to me. He was kind to me when I was a jerk to him. I have never lost my sense of wonder that men like this exist on this planet. He is a decorated veteran of WWII, a stable family man (stayed with and was faithfull to a wife who would have driven any normal man insane until she died of cancer) and he happens to be one of the finest CPA's around. Period.

He was also fair and accurate to a fault. Even if it hurt him, he would not allow any deviation from the absolute facts. No one was ever able to say that he lied. I trust his analysis absolutly. Spelling, speech and typography are his only weaknesses and proof that he is human <GRIN>. But rest assured, his fingers run a 10 key without fail. And if you don't believe it, go to the library and check his figures. This is the truth.

James Newton, Knowledge Archiver
james at 1-619-652-0593 fax:1-208-279-8767
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