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Toner Transfer PCB Etch Resist Release Paper

Making Toner Release Paper

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Materials: Kiwi Camp Dry spray (says 13% silicone), dextrin solution as thick as you can make it by reducing over burner, glossy laser paper like Staples brand or other, rubber roller, and a clean Teflon cookie sheet.

In the cookie sheet, place a sheet of paper, spray with silicone. Saturate it good on both sides. The paper should be translucent without any spots missed. Squeegee out all you can with the roller, flip and do it again.

Use a paper towel to wipe down the sheet so as to remove any excess silicone on either side. Set aside to dry - the paper will look about normal when the drying is complete and will have no wrinkling or warping whatsoever. Do this for however many sheets you will be making in the batch.

Clean the tray with soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Drop in a dried piece of paper from the first step and sprinkle a few drops of dextrin solution on the top side. Use a rubber roller and lots of downward pressure to spread the solution evenly over the surface. Keep rolling it until it begins to feel tacky, but not so sticky that the roller peals it up off the tray. Let the sheet sit in the tray for a few seconds (not longer or it will stick to the tray) and remove to dry somewhere. It will be dry to the touch within a few seconds, but should not be used for at least 10-15 min.

Print your board design on the dextrin side and fuse this to your PCB using an iron or laminater. You will need to use soapy water to release the dextrin from the paper because of the silicone resisting water penetration. When the paper is translucent from the soapy water it should slide off on its own and 100% of the toner will be transferred to the PCB.



Making Dextrin: Preheat oven to 400'F. In a convection oven, 375'F may be better. Spread entire box of cornstarch on cookie sheet and bake on top rack, stirring every 20 minute, for a total 160 minutes or until all the white specks cornstarch are gone. Let cool and store in food storage container.

Making Dextrin glue: Reduce a 10% solution of Dextrin in water to the consistency of glue by bringing it to a boil while stirring until most of the water is gone. In small batches this will be 2 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of Dextrin or in one large batch use 8 cups water with all 16 Oz (approx 12 tablespoons) of Dextrin. Store in food storage container.

Making Waterproof Paper: Prepare paper by saturating it with silicone water repellent in a clean cookie sheet. Ensure the repellent is evenly spread on both sides of the paper by rolling over it with a rubber roller. The paper is properly saturated when it appears evenly translucent over the entire sheet. Wipe away excess repellent and set paper on a flat surface to dry.

Making Toner Release Paper: Spread several drops of Dextrin glue at a time evenly on dried, waterproofed paper by rolling over it with a rubber roller while it lays on a teflon coated cookie sheet. Stop when the roller starts to slightly stick to the paper. Let the paper set in the tray for a minute, then transfer to a flat surface to dry. Drying time: 30 minutes.

Other Release Materials:

Pentel "roll'n glue"

Helmar Professional Acid-Free Glue

"envelope gum"

"Paper Gum"

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