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Good Stepper Motors

In general, the Linistepper and SLAm drivers will do best with strong low amperage, higher voltage motors. E.g. a 12 Volt, 1 Amp motor is better than a 1 Volt, 12 Amp motor. Remember: For these drivers, only Unipolar (5 or more wires)!.

The THB6064AH driver is a Bi-Polar driver which will work nicely with the faster, high amperage, lower voltage motors. Remember: For Bi-Polar drivers, you can NOT use 5 wire motors; 4, 6 or 8 only.

You can generally find these on ebay: > 100oz-in (but avoid knock offs from China), > 200oz-in or Google >100oz-in, >200oz-in. or, in the table below, click on the "Find For" link to search for that motors mfgr and part.

Also: Good DC Motors

Some of the motors below list the models of printer, copier, fax, etc... where they might be found. If you ask around at computer or office equipment repair places, and offer to remove old dead equipment for them (be sure to check with your local disposal agency for how to do that properly and legally first) you may be able to score some nice motors for nothing. Some places will even let you browse what they already have on the trash list or let you know when they receive another one on the list. Be sure to let us know if you find something that isn't already on our list by filling out the form below? Of course, dismantling equipment does require care: Wear gloves, and watch our for sharp metal frame edges and broken bits of plastic. Also keep away from toner; wear a mask if it's been spilled.

The NEMA number is about 10 times the size (diameter or side) of the motor in inches. E.g. a NEMA 23 motor is about 2.3".

Suggest a new motor by filling out this form:

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Printers / Copiers that have good motors in them:


Lin Engineering 5618L-54

Lin Engineering 5718M-15-09

Lin Engineering 4118L-07

Anaheim Automation 23L004S-LW8

Kysan 57BYG070

Kysan 57BYGH211

Salem Controls SC23-57BYGH803

ORM 264K-2

Vexta PK266-02A

XUQUAN 23H256-30-6B

Sanyo Denki^ 103H546-0440

Sanyo Denki 103H7126-0941 (as found in Toshiba photocopiers; models: 7550, 6560, 6560, 5540.)

Sanyo Denki 103H7126-1441 (as found in Xerox XDL33D photocopier )

Shinano SST42D1040

Shinano SST42D1041

Shinano SST42D1020

Shinano SST42D1021

Shinano SST42D2040

Shinano SST42D2041

Shinano SST42D2030

Shinano SST42D2031

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