Manufacturing of Original Plastic Case

In the electronic circuits making, the electronic circuit is stored in the case.
The various material is used for the case. The iron, the aluminum, the wood, the plastic, the copper, the brass, the others. When making the electronic circuits as the hobby, the aluminum is often used as the material. The aluminum is soft compared with the iron. Because it is, the manufacture of making the holes, the cutting-off, the bending are easy. Also, because the electric resistance is small, it is convenient for the grounding and the electromagnetic shield effect can be expected. It is difficult to manufacture because it is firm , is heavy and rusts. The rust of the iron is the red but the rust of the aluminum is the white.

On these pages, I will introduce the way of manufacturing the case which used the plastic of the acrylic resin, the hard vinyl chloride and so on.
There is a following advantage in the plastic board case. The light weight, the making holes are easy. However, the bend manufacture is difficult. When making the case, it often uses the way of using the glue. In case of the bend, the implement becomes necessary little. The plastic becomes soft when it applies heat. Because it is, it is possible to bend if using the tool which generates the heat.

Probably, the tool to bend is marketed. In this page, I introduce the way of making the plastic case including the bending tool.