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Initial setting of the software development tool

Initial setting of MPLAB
After the installation of MPLAB is ended, the initial setting of the development environment should be done. When not doing these setting, it isn't possible to use MPLAB. Each item can be set according to the necessary work. I am doing to the setting to make software for "PIC16F84A".
(1) Start MPLAB
(2) The setting of the Development Mode
Options > Development Mode

Tools:Choose MPLAB-SIMDevelopment environment is set to the simulator.

Choose "PIC16F84A" in Processor
The kind of PIC can be set.
Clock:Choose "HS" in Oscillator Type.
The type of the oscillator can be set.

Set Desired Frequency to "20MHz".
The clock frequency of the oscillator can be set.
Configuration:Choose "None" in Watch Dog Timer.
The use of the Watch Dog Timer can be set.
Pins: No setting item

Break Options:Choose Clear Breakpoints on Download

Choose Global Break Enable

Choose Freeze Peripherals On Halt

(3) The setting of the Language Tool
The language and the tool to use can be set.
Project > Install Language Tool

Language Suite:Choose MicrochipThe development language can be set.
Tool Name:Choose MPASM
The tool can be chosen.
Executable:Confirm the path of MPASMWIN.EXE (Assembler)
A normal path is set with the default.

The initial setting of the development environment ended above.

Making of project
When of the software development working using MPLAB, the PROJECT must be created.
This is the one to manage the following work as the project.
The source coding.
The assembly operation.
The debugging(Operation confirmation).
Each work can be done independent. However, each work can be related when making a project.
It is possible to do an assembly operation immediately using the source code which was made by the coding. It is possible to do debugging using the object file which was made of assembly operation.
A project is managed in the file of the extension, pjt. The management is easy when making Project folder.

The making of a new project
Project > New project
The dialog which specifies a project name is displayed.

Enter the project name and click the OK button. In the example this time, it makes "test".
"Edit Project" dialog is displayed.

Choose the project which is displayed in the item of Project Files and click the "Node Properties..." button.
"Node Properties" dialog is displayed.

Set each following item.

The red character is the part which was changed from the default setting.
Hex Format:INHX8M
Error File:On
List File:On
Warning level:all
Case sensitivity:Off
Macro expansion:On
Default radix:HEX

    The setting of project environment ended above.

Addition of the node

The file name of the source code should be specified as the node.
    When having closed Edit Project dialog, it opens again by Project > Edit Project .

Choose a project with Project Files item.

Click the "Add Node..." button and add a source code file name.

A node file was added to the project by above operation.

In this operation, the file name of the source code is only added to the project.
A node file isn't created.

Save of the project

Save a made project.
    Project > Save Project

    After that, the project which was made can be opened by the operation of Project > Open Project .