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Products > Cables > RLC_1:RS232-TTL level converter in a DB9 backshell

Converts between true RS232 levels (+/- 12 volts) and TTL (0 to 5 volts) or low voltage (0 to 3.3 volts) signals to allow communications with embedded products or devices such as microcontrollers (e.g. BASIC STAMP), Sony/Panasonic computer monitors, many routers, dvd players, GPS units, etc... The very hardy case, connectors and cables are ideal for industrial settings and the cost rivals hobby kits in D.I.Y. use.

length: ~12 Inches / 32 cm.
conductors: 6.
wire size: AWG 30.
connector2: Molex KK.
connector1: DB9 FEMALE.
Picture of item #416011RLC_1:
RS232-TTL level converter in a DB9 backshell:
 $29.95 1 in stock

Price breaks: @10 = $28.

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