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Insert Java Applets

There are several ways to insert a Java applet into a page:

The first two methods above open the Applet window. In addition, you  can change parameters in the Applet window if you select an applet and choose Element Java Applet.

Using the Applet window:

  1. Choosing Element Java Applet while the cursor is positioned where you want the Java applet to appear, opens the Applet window:
  2. Type the location of the applet's class file or click the Browse button and select a class file. (Note that some applets are made up of multiple Class files. You need to select the main class file for the applet in order for the applet to run correctly.)
  3. Give the applet a Name if applets will need to communicate with each other.
  4. In the Width and Height fields, type the display size (in pixels) of the applet.
  5. Select how you want to align the applet with the text that follows it. The choices are the same as for images: Top, Middle, Bottom, Left, and Right. See "Inserting Images" for examples.
  6. Many applets let you set parameters to control how the applet will run. For example, an applet that runs a slide show may let you set the speed at which the slide show will run.
    If someone has created a parameter file for this applet (or if the Java source file is in the same directory), AOLpress prompts you for parameter values when you drag the applet from a MiniWeb to a page. See "Creating Applet Parameter Files" for details on creating parameter files.
    Otherwise, you will need to enter parameters and their values by hand. For each parameter:
  7. When you are finished, click OK to place the applet in your page.

Applet Parameters

If AOLpress can figure out what parameters are needed for a given applet, it will pop up a customized window designed for that applet:

Non Java-Enabled AOLpress

AOLpress currently does not display Java Applets (pending licensing agreement). You may still edit applets in this environment, and AOLpress will display them as a rectangle of the correct size with a cross in it.

Sometimes it is convenient to display applets as they will appear in most non java-enabled browsers, this may be done by opening the general preferences window and changing the state of the Show Java Windows checkbox.

To insert an applet both with the applet and some alternative text to be displayed by users of non-java enabled browsers:

Thereafter java-enabled browsers will display the applet, and non java-enabled browsers will display the originally selected text.

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