JAL manual - library : i2c

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This library provides routines for i2c operations.

The library first includes i2cp which contains the IO pin assignment. A local copy of this file can be adapted to accomodate a different IO pin assignment.

basic i2c routines

The following basic i2c routines are provided which can be used to construct i2c transactions:

   procedure i2c_put_start                   
   procedure i2c_put_put_read_address( byte in a )
   procedure i2c_put_write_address( byte in a )
   procedure i2c_put_ack
   procedure i2c_put_nack
   procedure i2c_wait_ack
   procedure i2c_put_byte( byte in d )
   procedure i2c_get_byte( byte out d )
   procedure i2c_put_stop
   procedure i2c_put_nack_stop

These routines are not needed when the i2c transaction routines or chip-specific routines are used.

i2c transactions

The following i2c transactions are provided:

   procedure_i2c_read_1( byte in a, byte out d )
   procedure i2c_write_1( byte in a, byte in d )
   procedure i2c_read_2( byte in a, byte out d1, byte out d2 )
   procedure i2c_write_2( byte in a, byte in d1, byte in d2 )

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