JAL manual - library : lm75

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This library provides routines for interfacing the LM75 i2c temperature sensor.

This library includes the i2c library, which in turn includes the i2cp library where the i2c IO pins are defined. A local copy of this last file can be adapted to accomodate a different IO pin assignment.

The following lm75 routines are provided:

   procedure lm75_read_raw( 
      byte  in address, 
      byte out d1, 
      byte out d2 
   procedure lm75_read_fdt( 
      byte   in address, 
      bit   out freezing,
      byte  out degrees,
      byte  out tenth

The lm75_read_raw returns the two data bytes read from the LM75's temperature register.

The lm75_read_fdt returns the temperature information in three variables:

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