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Linistepper: Smooth, Fast, STRONG, and Cheap driver using a PIC!

The Linistepper is a well reviewed, open source controller / driver for small to medium sized 5, 6 or 8 wire unipolar (not 4 wire bi-polar) stepper motors. The Linistepper combines ultra smooth, low noise, old school linear microstepping with modern active current regulation for faster response. The kit is easy to build, hard to damage, and easy (and cheap) to repair. Fully documented: how it works, how to use it, how to troubleshoot problems and get your motors running!



These well made kits are easy to assemble with your soldering iron. Hard to break, easy to repair (new drive transistor set less than $2), smooth and cheap! If you are driving up to 3 amps on low cost unipolar steppers, nothing beats a Linistepper.

Questions? Check the FAQ!

Is it right for you?

For medium small, high inductance (lower amperage, higher voltage), unipolar motors, Linisteppers are the absolute best value. There are other drivers for other uses: Stepper Driver System (see block diagram)


Motors Pros Cons
Amps Volts Power
Linistepper 1 or 2, 3 max 36 <75 5, 6 or 8 wire
Ultra smooth, quiet, low noise, low mid band resonance, motor stays cool, cheap to repair Limited power, driver heat
SLAm 2 to 3 36 108 5, 6 or 8 wire
Stable, easy to build, small heatsink, tough Resonance, motor heat/noise
THB6064 up to 4 50 200 4, 6 or 8 wire Bipolar Powerful, most motors (4, 6 or 8 wires), small heatsink, very tough Some resonance, motor heat/noise
(listed for compairison only)
3.5-7 50-80 175-560 Bipolar Freaking magic Cost $80-$166 per axis.

Mariss Freimanis of says: "A switching type drive makes sense when the power levels are large. The inefficiency of a linear drive becomes prohibitive at such levels. At 7A and 80V, a classic linear drive dissipates an unacceptable 560 Watts of heat in the power transistors.

At the other extreme, say 1A and 24V, the complexity of a switching type drive makes less sense. Heat dissipation then is a manageable 24 Watts and the simplicity and other advantages of a linear amplifier becomes appealing." ^

"Multiply any drive's rated current by its rated voltage. Divide that number by its price. Those numbers gives you the relative value of any drive; how much performance you get for the money you spend." ^

Although they are excellent drivers, purchasing a set of three Geko G250 ( 3.5A * 50VDC / $81 = 2.16 ) for $243 is still a waste of money if you are driving smaller motors. The Linistepper will cost you $90 for 3 axis plus your time assembling the kit and has a 2A * 35V / $30 = 2.33 "Mariss rating". Geko's are the best drivers in the industry for large bipolar motors at ultra high (>1000 rpm) speeds. If you are running anything up to a couple amps, the Linistepper and your soldering iron will give you  close to the same performance (smooth, low resonance, best torque) at half the price with motors you pulled from a printer, fax or copier, or purchased used or on the cheap.

Kits for sale!
PCB and full kit of parts to build your own!
You supply voltages, heat sink & mounting bracket, unipolar stepper motor, and step/direction signals.

Each 3Axis!
Postal Shipping
(in the USA ONLY)
1 or 2 units, US shipping

~or~ Set of 3, US shipping

Just $75 for your 3 axis machine!

We buy huge quantities: 
There is just no way
anyone can purchase
the individual parts
to make a few of these
kits for less than our
kit price!
International Shipping (~$15 more)
Just about anywhere in the world!


Also available: Printed Circuit Boards! These are VERY well made boards and are certainly worth the price IF you have a well stocked scrap box to populate them and a PIC programmer. However, you will find our kit price for complete kits is MUCH LESS than the cost of parts and PCBs, AND the PIC comes already programmed!

USA only!
Outside the USA
(+$15 s&h)

Please enter phone #

Can't be made for less!

Connect to your PC or stand alone:
*NEW* 4 Axis/Pluse/Power Kit

A new combined 4 axis kit supports:
- PC parallel port or bread board connection, multiple cable options
- PIC Pulse generator option for testing and stand alone operation,
- 5 volt regulated supply.
- low cost cable option for connection to up to 4 drivers
- Connection points for Limit or Jog switches 

Perfect for connecting up to 4 Linisteppers to your PC for CNC operation!

4 Axis PCB:
Price reduced! Again!
Standard 4 axis parts kit:
PCB, 5V regulator, and parallel port cable for your PC. Just add your power supply, drivers, driver cables, motors, and heatsinks. *
Everything you need to run one stepper axis from
your PC parallel port. Just add motor, power, and heatsink.*
Complete kit to run a three axis system from your PC. Just add motors, power, and heatsinks.*

* This are electronics KITs, you need to solder them together.




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