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Products > Motor Drivers > 6064: 4AMP Stepper Motor Driver Kit.

Luc`s THB6064AH driver joins the other open source drivers supplied by the store, adding support for BiPolar motors up to 4 amps/phase at 50 volts.

It is based on the new THB6064AH chip (also known as the Toshiba TB6564AHQ^) which is a design improvement over the TB6560, adding support for better microstepping, lower resonance, and protection for power on sequence (which is a serious problem with the 6560).


  • Single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor driver
  • Selectable phase drive (1/2,1/8,1/10, 1/16, 1/20, 1/32, 1/40, 1/64 step)
  • Drives 4.5 Amps (peak) and 4 Amp sustained at 50 volts. And unlike the cheap drivers advertised at only peak ratings elsewhere, it WILL drive 4A @ 50V = 200Watts continuously. ^
  • Built-in thermal shutdown(TSD) and over-current detection(ISD) circuit as well as back EMF protection
  • 2.3uS Step pulse response. With slight pluse stretch provided by the PCB, this driver will work with the Marlin based RAMPs controllers for 3D printers. Video proof. Now you can build a 3D printer big enough to extrude a house!
  • Unlike the TB6560, which absolutely requires logic power be stable before motor power is applied,^ the THB6064AH can survive motor power without logic power and will not intermittently short on power up. This is a VERY common failure of the cheap TB6560 drives. ^
  • Automatic idle drive power reduction.
  • 4 decay modes from 20 to 80 %
  • Output monitor pins (DOWN / ALERT)
  • Equipped with reset and enable pins
  • Uses high voltage BiCD process: Ron = 0.4 (typ.)
  • Packages: HZIP25-P-1.27 Easy to solder and desolder for replacement

NOTE: This is a Kit of parts; you must solder it together. It is not a beginner level kit. If you haven''t soldered before, please complete our soldering course and the 2 (low cost) projects it suggests before attempting this driver.
Kit does not include heat sink, main or logic power supply, motors, or wiring.

Customers in Europe may wish to purchase directly from the manufacturer for cheaper/faster shipping.

SPECIAL PROMOTION (for a limited time): Buy the full parts kit (not for the PCB / chip only options) at the standard price, build it, and then send us your results or post publicly online. We will pay you back $5 for a photo of it up and running. $20 for a video. $10 for a write up including your power supply voltage, motor rating (amps/phase, size, rated torque, etc...) and your review of how it worked (or didn`t) and what you liked (or hated) about the kit. Do all three and the kit is free!

level: Advanced!.
Picture of item #4160746064:
4AMP Stepper Motor Driver Kit.:
 $35.00 Backordered!   Expected in 6 weeks

Price breaks: @3 = $32.

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BOB/Pulse/Power(PC Board ONLY)
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