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Menus of the Page Window

The File menu operates on Pages either locally or remotely over the net.
The Edit menu lets you undo, copy and paste, and search for text.
The Element and Format menus create various types of page content.
The Table menu allows you to create and format tables.
The Tools menu has special utilities and functions.
The Browse menu provides viewing capabilities like those of Web browsers.
The Window menu (Windows only) lets you rearrange pages on your screen.
The Help menu provides documentation, examples, and more.

File Menu

New Page
Creates a new, empty page window.
New MiniWeb
Creates a new MiniWeb.
New FrameSet
Creates a new Frameset containing a single frame.
Displays the Open window that lets you browse (locally or remotely) for files or specify the URL directly. You may also choose how to use the file (for example, you can open an HTML page as a Text page and see the tags).
Open Recent
Shows a list of recent pages from windows you have closed during the current session.
Closes the Page window. Prompts if you have unsaved changes.
Saves the current Page.
Save As...
Displays the Save As window, to save the Page either locally or on the Internet. Lets you choose formats and various options.
Displays the Import window, to import a file as text or HTML into the current page.
Copy File...
Lets you copy a file from anywhere locally or on the network to anywhere else.
Displays the Delete window, to let you browse through the directory system and delete URLs even remotely.
Print (or Page) Setup...
Lets you choose a printer and its settings.
Lets you send the current page to a printer.
Upgrade AOLpress...
Displays a page of information about downloading the latest version of AOLpress.
Exit (or Quit)
Exits. Prompts if you have unsaved changes.

Edit Menu

Undoes the last edit (some operations, like Insert File may not be undone). There is no limit to the number of Undos.
Reverses the last Undo.
Saves the selection to the clipboard and then deletes it from the page.
Saves the selection to the clipboard.
Transfers the contents of the clipboard to the current page, either at the current insertion point or in place of the selection. If the clipboard contains a URL from a Copy URL command, acts like the Paste URL command.
Deletes the selection without saving it.
Select All
Selects the entire page.
Copy URL of Page
Saves the URL of the current page (or if the selection contains a link then the URL in the link) into the clipboard in such a way that pasting it yields a link.
Paste URL
Equivalent to Paste, except the URL is pasted and the selection (if there is one) becomes the anchor to a hyperlink. If there is no selection, then the title of the URL becomes the new anchor.
Allows you to find and replace text.
Find Next
Repeats the last Find without presenting a window.

Element Menu

Get Attribute
Allows you to set attributes for the currently selected item (for example, if you select a link, you see the Link window)
Horizontal Rule
Adds a horizontal line at the insertion point.
Forced Line Break
Forces a line break at the insertion point.
Lets you attach links to a selection. If the selection contains an existing link, shows whatever the link points to and allows you to alter or remove it.
Lets you attach a name to a point in the page. If the selection contains an existing anchor, shows that and allows you to alter or remove it. You can use this name in links that move to this point in a page.
E-mail Link...
Displays the Email Link window, in which you can type an email address that the link should allow readers to send email to.
Insert an image into the page. Allows you to pick a picture to insert and provide alignment information.
Image Map...
If the selection contains an image, allows you to make a clickable image and helps you develop a map file for it.
Removes the currently selected link.
Java Applet...
Inserts a Java applet and lets you set parameters,size, and alignment.

Format Menu

Exit Format
Creates a new paragraph outside the current format item (for example, list, form, heading, preformatted paragraph, etc.) and puts the cursor there.
Remove Format
Removes the current formatting. If the cursor is in a list, heading, ... it undoes the formatting of the current list, heading, etc.
Type Style
A submenu lets you emphasize text in various ways.
Type Size
A submenu lets you make text bigger or smaller.
Type Color
A submenu lets you choose a color for the selected text.
A submenu lets you use one of six levels of headings.
A submenu lets you create one of several types of paragraphs. It also lets you align text horizontally.
A submenu lets you create one of three types of lists--Numbered, Unnumbered, Definition. It also lets you reverse terms and definitions in a Definition list.
Inserts a form and prompts you for the URL of a script on your server that runs when the form is submitted.
Show Border
Draws a border around forms and lists so you can see where they end. When the borders are shown, this command changes to Hide Borders.
Page Attributes...
Lets you change the background and text colors of your page. You can also rate your page content, add toolbar navigation links, and add a bulletin to the page.
A submenu lets you edit frames in a Frameset page.

Table Menu

Create Table...
Lets you create a table and specify the number of rows and columns and set the spacing and border width.
Insert Row
Inserts a row into the table before the row the cursor is on.
Delete Row
Deletes the row in the table which the cursor is on.
Insert Column
Inserts a column into the table before the column the cursor is on.
Delete Column
Deletes the column the cursor is on.
Brings up the Create Table window, but this time it will change an already existing table (the one which contains the cursor most directly)
Split Cell
Lets you split a cell that has been merged.
Merge Cell...
Lets you merge several cells into a single cell.
Normal Cell
Turns a header cell into a normal cell.
Header Cell
Turns a normal cell into a header cell.
VAlign Row
Aligns contents of an entire row to the top, middle, or bottom.
V Align Cell
Aligns the contents of one cell to the top, middle, or bottom.
Center Table / Uncenter Table
Centers or uncenters the table your cursor is in.

Tools Menu

Show HTML...
Lets you view and edit the HTML tags for the current page.
Spell Check...
Lets you check the spelling of your document.
Webize Directory...
Turns existing directories into MiniWebs.
Check Links...
Runs through all the links in the current page and checks to make sure the URLs they reference exist.
Search Server...
Opens a page that lets you search for text on an AOLserver to which you have access and that is configured to allow searching. For example, you can type as the server to search.
Administer Server
Opens a page with links to the server administration functions. (Not supported unless you have Commercial or Dedicated PrimeHost service or an AOLserver of your own.)
Administer Page
Invokes a submenu consisting of:
Locks the current page on the server so that others can not inadvertently edit the page you are working on. Useful when multiple people are modifying content on a site, and might modify or save pages, which have been cached or are being edited. Requires AOLpress version 1.2 and AOLserver version 2.1.
Unlocks the current page so that others can modify it. Requires AOLpress version 1.2 and AOLserver version 2.1.
Brings up an HTML page with a form that allows you to control who can access the current page on the current server (you will probably be prompted for a username and password before being allowed to do this).
Brings up an HTML page showing a list of all the archived versions of the current page on the server and allows you to select one to look at. (The server must be configured to support version archiving.)
Lets you set preferences for a variety of behaviors, such as:
Allows you to control various general AOLpress behaviors.
Insert information about your network or firewall for improved performance.
Allows you to specify the font type and size AOLpress uses to display pages when browsing.
This associates a MIME type to a filename extension. These only refer to files read locally from the disk.
MIME / Viewer...
If AOLpress does not know how to display a file type, it will look through this list, which associates MIME types to programs. If it finds an appropriate entry, it will run that program to display the file.
Save As Filters...
You can specify a program to translate from HTML into some other format. These translation types will be displayed along with the default ones (HTML, TEXT) in the Save As window. (Supported on UNIX only).
MiniWeb Icons...
You can associate an icon with a MIME type. The icon will be displayed in the MiniWeb to indicate the file type.
The Save command provides a list of servers to publish to. You can customize the list here.
Choose an animation to play during page download.
Configure Toolbar
Define which icons/commands should be available in the page window toolbar.

Browse Menu

As you follow hyperlinks in the Web, a history of pages is stored. This item lets you backtrack through the history.
Moves forward through the page history after you backtrack.
Aborts any outstanding read requests controlled by this window.
Reload Page
Reloads the current page (and all images in it) from the Web.
Load Images
     Reloads all the images in the current page.
Global History...
Lists all pages you have viewed in this session in any window. You can view one by double-clicking on it.
Hot List...
Invokes a window of pages you have thought important enough to stash their URLs in a list. You choose to view one by double-clicking on it or pressing Fetch.
Add to Hot List
Adds the current Page's URL to the Hot List.

Window Menu

The Window menu appears under Microsoft Windows only. It lets you arrange the Page and MiniWeb windows in your workspace.On the Mac it conforms to the standard allowing you to select from available AOLpress windows.

Arranges your Page or MiniWeb windows so that they are visible side-by-side or bottom-to-top.
Arranges your windows so they overlap and titles are visible.
Arrange Icons
Arranges icons of minimized Page or MiniWeb windows.

Help Menu

Shows the table of contents for the documentation with links to each section.
Search for Help ...
Lets you search for keywords in the AOLpress online documentation.
Online Resources...
 Provides access to clip art and other resources.
Lets you search for keywords in the AOLpress online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database.
Teaches you how to use AOLpress through a series of exercises.
Tech Support...
Shows email addresses and telephone numbers for technical support. The mail link lets you send us an email message.
Show Tool Tips
Turns on and off labels that appear for toolbar items when you place the mouse over them.
Show Page Popups
Turns on and off popups of the HTML for selected text and links that appear when you place the mouse over them.
About AOLpress...(Under the Apple for Mac users)
Shows copyright information for AOLpress and the version number of your copy.

See also: MiniWeb menus

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